LTI Market Access Analysis

No matter where you do business, discover everything you need to know about prospective customers, distributors, shippers, and partners.

Your Global Trade Strategy Is
Only As Good As Your Market
Access Analysis

Incomplete due diligence reporting exposes your business to existential risks: financial penalties, criminal penalties, sanctions, disruption to operations, reputational damage. Just one transaction with the wrong customer, distributor, shipper, competitor, or partner can have serious consequences.
With so much on the line, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Effective due diligence reporting requires expertise in local markets, changing regulations, and experience in navigating control laws.

Your Global Trade Strategy Is Only As Good As Your Due Diligence Reporting
Due Diligence Reporting

LTI: Market Access Analysis
for Any Market

LTI due diligence reporting helps you investigate the history, financial status, shareholders, management structure, industry sector, business environment, and marketing strategy of another party before any transaction. We draw on available sources in all relevant languages.
LTI specializes in preparing due diligence reports about Chinese companies looking to receive goods, technology, or software subject to stringent U.S. export control laws. These reports are designed to help you determine whether to seek export licenses before any transaction.
Our due diligence reports typically include a prospective company’s:

  • Registration information.
  • Business structure (including information on parent and subsidiary companies).
  • Executive leadership.
  • Investors and shareholders.
  • Primary area of business.
  • Major industry competitors.
  • Cooperation with other domestic and foreign entities.
  • Financial information.
  • Military connections.