Larkin Trade International (LTI) is a consulting firm specializing in trade compliance and business strategy in China and other Asian countries.

LTI helps companies enter into or expand their business in Asia with a focus on business sectors that are regulation intensive, such as high technology, strategic trade, and agriculture. LTI helps clients develop their business strategies so they can expand their business in the most cost effective and timely manner, while also ensuring they meet all regulatory requirements and address any existing or potential market access issues.

Our mission

To facilitate civilian high-tech trade between the US and China and other areas as well as assisting clients on keeping up with the changes in trade policies globally.

Customers and Consultants

LTI tailors programs to fit the specific needs of its clients and always strives to exceed their expectations, whether multinationals or small and medium-sized enterprises.


LTI’s clients range from large multinationals to small high tech companies looking to expand their business in Asia. LTI’s reputation is founded on transparency, fair competition, and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. With years of experience in commercial, legal, engineering and political fields, LTI’s consultants bring a broad and deep level of expertise to these areas.