LTI International Trade
Consulting Services

LTI provides comprehensive international trade consulting services to help you navigate government investigations and optimize your strategy for trade compliance, customs duties, and new market opportunities.

International Trade Consulting
Built on Unrivaled Expertise

Going it alone in international trade exposes companies to a host of risks that can derail operations. A single unintentional mistake can lead to criminal and financial penalties, lost revenue, and reputational damage with permanent consequences.
In such a hazardous business environment, you need experts in international trade to maintain compliance and help realize your business’s potential. LTI offers international trade consulting service to companies of all sizes to help you optimize your approach to global markets and evolving regulatory environments. Every engagement is customized to your needs and circumstances and draws on LTI’s primary areas of expertise.

International Trade Consulting Built on Unrivaled Expertise
Export Controls and Compliance
Export Controls
and Compliance
Gain a full understanding of all relevant export regulations, maintain compliance with all necessary controls, and turn your trade compliance into a business opportunity.
Customs and Trade Compliance
Customs and Trade

Determine your level of compliance with a full, compliance-focused audit that includes customs broker and freight forwarder analysis. 

Due Diligence Reporting
Market Access

LTI trade experts research and review documents from all available channels and languages to provide comprehensive due diligence reports.