LTI Customs and
Trade Compliance

A customs compliance audit can help your business improve internal practices, reduce risk of violations, and maintain sustainable growth—and prepare you for a possible government investigation.

A Mistake in Customs and
Trade Compliance Can
Devastate Your Business

Customs and trade compliance is too complex and too important to settle for “good enough.” A single mistake could result in criminal and financial penalties, lost revenue, damaged reputation, or worse.
To make sure you achieve compliance—and then maintain it as regulatory frameworks change—you need experts who understand the law as well as they understand your business.
You need LTI’s customs and trade compliance experts. The team has extensive experience helping companies develop strategies for working with foreign governments and navigating customs laws and regulations throughout the world.

A Mistake in Customs and Trade Compliance Can Devastate Your Business
Customs and Trade Compliance

The LTI Audit—Are You Sure
Your Business Is Compliant?

LTI leverages extensive expertise and experience to offer a comprehensive compliance audit designed to mimic the audits regulators around the world perform.
Designed to help you achieve greater customs and trade compliance, our audits come with recommendations to improve internal processes and reduce risk—without posing unnecessary disruption to your operations.

  • Customs and trade compliance recommendations include:
  • Review and evaluation of existing customs clearance procedures.
  • Review and evaluation of existing customs agent, broker, or freight forwarder, as needed.
  • Review the company’s current registration to ensure all available benefits are received.
  • Development of compliance-related processes, controls, and standard operating procedures.
  • Implementation of logistical solutions to improve your current customs clearance procedures.