Due Diligence-Russia


Due Diligence-Russia

Larkin Trade International, in conjunction with the National Consultancy Bureau Fintechproject, is offering due diligence reports using publically available information collected from all available channels, including English and Russian language sources. These thorough reports typically include the following information about a Russian company:

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business planning & strategy
  • Company registration information;
  • Company structure (including information on parent and subsidiary companies);
  • Executive leadership;
  • Investors and shareholders;
  • Primary area(s) of business;
  • Cooperation with other domestic and foreign entities;
  • Financial information;and
  • Military connections
research beyond the business plan

Larkin Trade International and National Consultancy Bureau Fintechproject provides these due diligence reports on Russian companies that are potential recipients of goods, technology or software that is subject to U.S. and European dual-use export control laws. The purpose of these reports is to fulfill the exporter “know your customer” requirements and carry out the required due diligence to determine if transactions can move forward in light of any applicable end-use and user restrictions, especially with regard to the sanctions that the U.S. and EU have put in place for the export of dual-use items to Russia.

Each report will be customized and tailored to the transaction and the parties involved. Since each report is customized, pricing is determined based on the complexity of the transaction and the entities involved.
For a quote, contact us via the following e-mail address: ddr_russia@larkintrade.com.

To view our brochure in Russian please click the link below:

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