Due Diligence Reports

LTI generates company due diligence reports using information collected from all available channels, including English and Chinese language sources. These thorough reports typically include the following information about a Chinese company:

  • Company registration information;
  • Company structure (including information on parent and subsidiary companies);
  • Executive leadership;
  • Investors and shareholders;
  • Primary area(s) of business;
  • Major industry competitors;
  • Cooperation with other domestic and foreign entities;
  • Financial information; and
  • Military connections

LTI specializes in preparing due diligence reports about Chinese companies that are potential recipients of goods, technology or software, which are subject to stringent U.S. export control laws. These reports assist clients to determine whether to seek export licenses.

Working with the National Consultancy Bureau, LTI offers due diligence reports for Russian Companies.  Click here for more information.