Our Services

LTI can also conduct a customized evaluation of import and export operations and help improve and update existing compliance programs, or design and tailor a new compliance program to suit business size and operations. In addition, LTI provides training to employees about import and export regulations and procedures and provides customized training modules for employees in China, Japan, US, EU, and other countries.

LTI specializes in preparing due diligence reports about Chinese companies that are potential recipients of goods, technologyor software, which are subject to stringent U.S. export control laws. These reports assist clients to determine whetherto seek export licenses. 

Full compliance with trade regulations and transparency in compliance business practices is the key to successfully turning trade compliance into a business advantage for securing and maintaining sustainable growth. LTI is the market leader in US-China export controls & compliance consulting and provides services to prominent private and state-owned Chinese companies, as well as multinational companies. LTI helps its clients not only to understand global export regulations, but also to maintain compliance with all necessary export control regulations and turn trade compliance into a business advantage.

LTI consultants have extensive experience advising companies and developing strategies to work with the relevant Chinese Government agencies to address the use of standards designed to protect domestic markets.