Tina Larkin

Tina Larkin joined LTI in May 2007 as the senior financial officer and now serves as the Chief Financial Officer. In addition, for the last 8 years she has performed client related work as a Senior Consultant in the areas of export compliance, import compliance, and due diligence focused market research. In 2017, Tina passed the Customs Broker’s exam and is now a licensed Customs Broker. As a licensed Broker, Tina is the lead on U.S. Customs related consulting for LTI, with a focus on classification and valuation related work.

In the areas of export and import compliance, Tina assists clients with the classification of items under both the dual-use and munitions regulations. She also assists in the development and implementation of compliance programs, as well as analyzing and auditing such programs.

Prior to LTI, Tina worked in marketing and sales for Americasmart Atlanta and Waterford Wedgwood USA. That experience gave her an excellent background in corporate operations, which she now utilizes when assessing companies’ operation from an import and export compliance perspective.

Tina has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Alabama Birmingham, and has completed post-graduate work in Accounting at Mercer University in Atlanta.