About Us

Larkin Trade International, LLC (LTI) is a global trade-consulting firm with its primary operations in the United States and the People’s Republic of China. 

LTI was founded in 2005 by John Larkin, a former Export Control Attaché and Commercial Officer at the US Embassy in Beijing and Special Agent with the Bureau of Industry and Security and the US Customs Service. The mission of LTI is to provide specialized business and compliance consulting, policy analysis, and government relations services to the international business and regulatory community, with a focus on the Asia Pacific region.

At its founding, LTI specialized in US-China trade compliance and policy analysis matters but has since expanded its work to cover trade compliance and policy analysis throughout the Asia Pacific region, as well as carrying out some work in the EU, Canada, and Russia. In all these locals LTI works extensively with its clients to identify and assess the trade and regulatory issues that could or are impacting their business and to assist in addressing these issues to ensure their business continues to be both compliant and profitable. This work has included: providing regulatory compliance analysis; development of compliance programs, to include technology controls; implementation and operation of compliance programs; carrying out compliance training and audits; HTS and HS Code classifications; export control classifications; assistance in applying for and obtaining import and export licenses, as well as standards certifications; and carrying out market research and due diligence related to trade and regulatory compliance.

LTI carries out this work based on its deep understanding of the trade regulations and practices, economics, industries, and government regulations in these locals, as well as through its ability to liaison with the relevant national governmental agencies responsible for regulating such trade, including ministries and departments covering Customs, Commerce, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Treasury, and Energy. LTI has a mixture of employees who are native Chinese speakers that are specialists in field research and trade regulations in the Asia Pacific region, a US based staff that has extensive experience in dealing with US, EU, and Canadian trade regulations, and a deep understanding of the complexities with regard to the global economic and security environment. This combination provides LTI with a unique ability to provide service to clients in the area of strategic and sensitive dual-use trade and in addressing any number of trade requirements and barriers our clients may encounter.