Customs Compliance    

LTI consultants have extensive experience advising companies and developing strategies to work with the relevant governments to address the use of customs laws and regulations to protect domestic markets. LTI consultants refer to their experience in this market to assist companies and trade associations facing customs problems in new or established markets.

  • Provide an analysis of the impact of policies, laws and regulations on the business, from a narrowly defined to a broad product area depending upon the goals of the company;
  • Contact and communicate with the General Administration of Customs of PRC, the port and Customs house to get updated information about the implementation of the laws and regulations;
  • Contact and communicate with Customs house in special zones to know the detailed implementation of laws and regulations in special zones;
  • Help companies to classify their product into the accurate HS Code;
  • Assist in obtaining any required import and export licenses and certifications;
  • Provide trainings on China Customs regulations and requirements as well as FCPA trainings for U.S. companies conducting business in China;
  • Advising on the Customs clearance procedures for importing and exporting products to and from mainland China, to include assistance with classification, valuation and all required interaction with the Chinese government relating to clearance of products both inbound and outbound;
  • Manage and supervise companies’ logistic processes on daily basis and follow up with Chinese Customs, Quarantine Bureaus and State Radio Regulation Committee per the requirements of Chinese laws and regulations.

For Customs compliance audit services, LTI is experienced in performing the following:

  • Conduct complete evaluation and audit of existing logistic channels including Customs clearance procedure, certification and license application procedure, brokerage situations, the current registration with Chinese Customs to determine if it is registered under the correct category and is thus receiving all the benefits available and product HTS code classifications;
  • Prepare an audit report detailing LTI’s findings and recommendations;
  • Prepare a product HS code list with corresponding requirements.
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