LTI provides tailored services to its clients in the areas of export controls & compliance, customs compliance, due diligence, standards, and strategy & research.

Trade Compliance

LTI’s elite and unique trade compliance strategic analysis distinguishes it from other consulting and law firms. LTI works closely with its clients to identify their business goals and develop a strategy to meet those goals through trade compliance measures. LTI helps developing and implementing a strategy that will ensure compliance with trade regulations, protect the company, corporate managers and employees, and meanwhile provide the platform and means to expand business in a secure and stable manner. LTI will develop a recommended strategy based upon the requirements of the client’s individual corporate culture, structure, and product or service industry area.

LTI combines extensive experience in US, European and Chinese import and export regulations with a deep knowledge of the Chinese market across industry sectors to assist companies operating in or seeking to enter the Chinese market. LTI's bilingual staff offers all services, including developing and implementing compliance programs and carrying out training, in English and Chinese.

LTI provides trade compliance service globally in the areas of export controls & compliance, customs compliance and due diligence.


LTI’s consultants have extensive experience advising companies and developing strategies to work with the relevant Chinese government agencies to address the use of standards designed to protect domestic markets. LTI consultants refer to their experience in this field and familiarity with the international standards development organizations and the WTO bodies to assist companies and trade associations facing adverse standards in new or established markets. For more information on LTI’s standards services click here.

Strategy & Research

A well planned business strategy is a necessity when entering new and dynamic markets such as China. LTI helps its clients determine the best way to enter or grow their business in China. From broad and comprehensive market reports on industry sectors, to detailed due diligence on potential partners, LTI provides the background necessary to confidently grow business in China.

LTI has strong market research and economic and trade policy analysis capabilities, as well as access to a wide network of key government and industry contacts, with in-depth understanding of China’s cultural, political, economic, and social issues. For more information on LTI’s strategy & research services click here.

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