Market Research

LTI has developed and successfully used market research techniques in preparing reports for a wide range of clients across industry sectors. These reports have addressed trade compliance, business strategy and the Chinese market from various angles.

LTI utilizes the global trade experience and bilingual capabilities of its staff in carrying out research in China and other countries in the Asia Pacific region. This research combines online research in Chinese, English, German and French with on the ground field research conducted throughout Asia to provide the most accurate and detailed research available.

All of LTI’s research is tailored to fit your particular request and ranges from providing information on specific market entry and access issues to full industry sector analysis. LTI specializes in identifying regulatory and policy barriers that may restrict your market entry or expansion in Asia and providing practical strategic solutions to turning those impediments into business advantages. Following is a list of industry sectors in which LTI has conducted research:

  • Aerospace: avionics, aircraft structures, and aircraft engines;
  • Agriculture: almonds, apples, barley, beef, corn, dairy, ginseng, pears, pork, potatoes, poultry, rice, sorghum, soybean, and wheat;
  • Equipment: machine tools and material production and processing equipment;
  • Inspection and testing equipment: thermal imaging and other non-destructive test equipment;
  • IT/Telecom: encryption, semiconductors, and software;
  • Materials: carbon and para-aramid fibers and fabrics.

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