Tian Xiao


Tian Xiao is our Program Director responsible for the Export Compliance portfolio in China. She is in charge of following and addressing export controls and compliance in China. Tian Xiao has a complete understanding of Chinese dual-use export control laws and regulations and their implementation and enforcement. She has excellent relations with the various Chinese agencies responsible for export controls and many industry associations covering trade in dual-use items. Her work to date has included tracking new developments in Chinese export controls, providing research on Chinese end- users, assisting clients in obtaining Chinese End-User Statements and export licenses. Currently, Tian Xiao is also performing the duties of the on-site compliance officer for one of LTI’s clients dealing with U.S. and Chinese origin technology and products covered under categories 3 and 5 of the CCL to ensure the company complies with all U.S. and Chinese export control laws and regulations.


Tian Xiao holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of International Business and Economics located in Beijing. Her studies included Marketing, International Trade and Theory, International Law of Commerce, Finance, Insurance, Business English, and Political Science. She speaks, reads, and writes English and Mandarin, Chinese and has an NCRE certificate with a rank of two.