Lu Shasha (Cici)

IMG_2217-副本Lu Shasha has been with LTI since June of 2007. With her ability to speak, read and write in Chinese and English, she is responsible for managing LTI’s daily operations. Shasha performs all of LTI’s administrative functions, including arranging travel, assisting with translation, keeping inventory of office supplies, assisting with accounting, and tracking projects. 

Shasha’s previous work experience includes a position as an administrative clerk at the Kanghui Business Travel Service Co., Ltd. Prior to working at Kanghui, she was employed by the Beijing Scileader Technology and Trade Co., Ltd. as an administrative assistant. Her duties included managing clerical work, as well as organizing and filing important documents. Between 2005 and 2006, Shasha spent a year at Tidemark Consulting Co., Ltd. as a senior consultant. Lu Shasha earned her B.A. from the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing.