Huang Jie (Helen)

Huang Jie just rejoined LTI Beijing and serves as the Director of Export. She has broad knowledge and experience in U.S. export compliance and international business, which she gained from working for many years with LTI and in well-known multinational companies. Huang Jie’s export compliance expertise includes internal compliance programs (ICPs), end-user due diligence, export license applications, and high-tech market research and analysis.


Prior to LTI, Huang Jie worked as Export Compliance and Logistics Manager at Veeco Instruments Co., Ltd. in Beijing. Veeco is a US-based company that manufactures both precise metrology instruments and compound semiconductor manufacturing equipment for use in production of LEDs, radio frequency emitters, and solar cells. Working in Veeco’s Beijing office, Huang Jie was responsible for providing training on US export regulations to Veeco and APAC subsidiaries, implementing their internal compliance program, performing end-user due diligence, applying for export licenses, and communicating directly with the Chinese Government. Huang Jie was also responsible for ensuring fulfillment of customer contract terms from order to delivery, monitoring equipment, supervising inventory, managing logistics, and assisting with customs clearance.


Prior to her work with Veeco, Huang Jie served as Executive Assistant in the Sourcing Center of Clariant International Ltd., a dyestuff manufacturer headquartered in Switzerland. In this position, Huang Jie supplied updated market information to headquarters and company affiliates to build up a global sourcing network. She recommended “selected suppliers” by conducting thorough market research and frequent onsite visits to local suppliers, negotiated best purchase prices, ensured fulfillment of customer contract terms, and provided rolling sales forecasts to company production sites in China.


Huang Jie earned a B.A. from Shandong Normal University in English Literature and Language. She has also studied international trade and economics at Peking University. She speaks, reads, and writes English and Mandarin, Chinese.