Customs and Compliance

Customs and Compliance   


Compliance Audits and Screening

LTI’s customs and audit services are aimed at helping your company achieve greater customs compliance. With a former US Customs agent and two licensed Chinese customs brokers, LTI has extensive expertise and experience in both US and China customs laws and regulations. LTI’s compliance-focused customs audits, which includes customs broker and freight forwarder analysis, simulate a full customs audit and determines your level of compliance. In conjunction with the audit services, or as a separate service, LTI provides customs consulting services to our clients with extensive expertise in both US and China customs laws and regulations.

Customs compliance audits result in recommendations to improve internal processes and reduce risk and include the following:

  • Complete review and evaluation of existing Customs clearance procedure
  • Complete review and evaluation of existing customs agent, broker, or freight forwarder, as needed;
  • Review the company’s current registration with Chinese Customs to determine if the company is registered under the correct category and is  receiving all the benefits available;
  • Develop compliance-related processes, controls and standard operating procedures;
  • Recommend logistical solutions to improve your current Customs clearance procedures;
  • Prepare a report detailing LTI’s findings and recommendations.


Additional Customs Services

 LTI consultants have extensive experience advising companies and developing strategies to work with foreign governments to address the use of customs laws and regulations as barriers to trade. LTI consultants refer to their experience in this market to assist companies and trade associations facing the customs problems in new or established markets.

  • Assist companies in classifying their products into the right HS code;Aid in obtaining any required import and export licenses;
  • ŸAid in obtaining any required import and export licenses;
  • ŸAdvise on Customs clearance procedures for importing and exporting products to and from mainland China, including assistance with classification, valuation and all required interactions with the Chinese government relating to the clearance of products both inbound and outbound;
  • Provide an analysis of the impact of policies, laws and regulations on the business, from a narrowly defined to a broad product area depending upon the goals of the company;
  • Communicate regularly with the PRC’s General Administration of Customs, major ports, and customs houses to get updated information on the implementation of laws and regulations;
  • Communicate with customs houses in special zones for detailed information on the implementation of laws and regulations in those zones; and
  • Provide training on China’s customs regulations and requirements.