Hanwen Li (Amanda)    

With broad knowledge and experience in international business management and trade policies in addition to strong multilingual abilities. Provide many different types of expertise and solutions for multinational companies conducting business related with China, including government relations, trade promotion, logistic assessment, customs compliance, export control, license applications, standards and certifications, investigation and Chinese regulatory evaluation and analysis including taxation regulations, intellectual property right and encryption regulations as well as agricultural related regulations. With strong analysis ability in combination with the expertise and insights on regulatory issues, provide consulting services to different companies, improving and guiding their development strategy as well as operational practices in China.

In the area of export controls, have worked with both U.S. and Chinese companies in the following areas:

  • Provide due diligence reports on Chinese end-users;
  • Assisting in obtaining Chinese Importer Statements of End-User and End-Use;
  • Assisting in classifying items under both U.S. and Chinese export control laws and obtaining both U.S. and Chinese export licenses;
  • Developing and implementing compliance programs for clients in China to ensure they are meeting all requirements of U.S. and Chinese export control laws; and
  • Liaison with U.S. and Chinese officials responsible for the implementation and enforcement of export control laws.

Relating to Customs issues, have provided assistance to U.S. and Chinese companies regarding:

  • Import and export assessment and solutions;
  •  Logistic management;
  • The classification of their commodities under the Chinese HS Code;
  • Determining Chinese import licensing requirements and assisting in obtaining import licenses when required; and
  • Assisting with Chinese Customs clearance both inbound and outbound.

For standards, have assisted U.S. and Chinese companies in:

  • Obtaining CCC mark certifications;
  • Obtaining other certifications from Chinese standards authorities required to import various commodities; and
  • Working with Chinese authorities on the development of standards in China on behalf of U.S. companies.

Have overseen or conducted research projects in the following areas:

  • Chinese capabilities in Aerospace: Avionics, Aircraft Structures, and Aircraft Engines;
  • Chinese capabilities in the production of carbon and para-aramid fibers and fabric;
  •  IT/Telecom: Encryption, Semiconductors and Software;
  • Assessment of Chinese Value Added Tax for agriculture products;
  • Trade subsidy and intellectual property right infringement issues related to agriculture products in China; and
  • Investment project analysis and implementation.
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