Cao Yuke (Nic)

Cao Yuke (Nic) joined LTI in 2009 and is the Director responsible for LTI’s Export Compliance portfolio. Working from LTI’s Beijing office, he leads export control and compliance projects for Chinese and multinational clients, mostly in high-tech manufacturing industries. Cao Yuke uses his expertise in Chinese dual-use export control laws and regulations and their implementation and enforcement to offer innovative solutions for LTI’s clients. He develops and delivers trainings for clients on U.S. and Chinese Export Controls, writes Internal Compliance Programs (ICP) and helps clients in their implementation, and trains professionals to classify products under both Chinese and U.S. export control lists.

Cao Yuke has also assisted clients in meeting U.S. export compliance requirements by conducting comprehensive due diligence research on parties involved in export transactions, preparing export license application materials, and auditing export compliance programs.

Cao Yuke holds a Master of Arts Degree from University of East Anglia in England. His studies included Econometric Methods, Economic Concepts, International Political Economy, International Business, Multinational Firms and Integrated Marketing Communications. He is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

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